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The Governor of VA is elected by popular vote, but the President and Vice President are elected by?
a) a bicameral legislature
b) the governors of the states
c) the electoral college
d) direct vote of the people

The candidate that wins the most votes in the state wins all of the electoral votes from that state describes which of the following terms?
a) winner take all system
b) general election
c) primary election
d) party platform

Which of the following has led Congress to placing controls on campaign financing?
a) low voter turnouts
b) raising campaign costs
c) an increase in federal spending
d) immigration problems

A U.S. Senator is running for President. If you want the most accurate facts about this candidate and his campaign, you should?
a) read editorials, op-ed columns, and cartoons.
b) watch TV talk shows
c) read blogs on the internet
d) check the U.S. Senate's website to find out how he voted on legislation

Organizing to win elections, win a majority or support by appealing to the political center, reflecting both conservative and liberal views, and influencing public polices are?
a) Similarities of political parties
b) Differences of political parties
c) Functions of political parties
d) Political party platforms

The major role of political parties is to?
a) nominate candidates and conduct campaigns
b) monitor elections to make sure they are held honestly
c) make sure that only one party member votes
d) select the President and Vice President

A document that lists a political party's beliefs, principles, and goals is called a?
a) platform
b) podium
c) public address
d) politik

Which of the following limits the amount of money given for a political contribution?
a) Political Action Committee
b) a party's platform
c) VA's Attorney General
d) finance reform laws

The editorial page of a newspaper is one way mass media broadcasts?
a) the daily news events
b) weather events
c) campaign poll results
d) different points of view

Robbie is a citizen of the US, a resident of Winchester, VA, and a registered voter who is 19. He wasn't allowed to vote for the mayor of Richmond. Why wasn't he?
a) He isn't old enough to vote
b) He isn't a state resident
c) He can only vote in the precinct where he lives
d) He needs a license to vote

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