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Proposing legislation during the State of the Union Address, appealing directly to the people, approving or vetoing legislation, and appointing officials are examples of?
a) How Presidents interpret and executes the laws
b) Ways Presidential power has grown over the years
c) Roles of the President
d) Ways the executive branch influences policy making

Giving the State of the Union Address or the State of the Commonwealth Address is an example of which role of the President or Governor?
a) Chief Legislator
b) Chief of Party or Party Chief
c) Chief Executive or Chief Administrator
d) Chief Diplomat

Who administers federal bureaucracy?
a) The executive branch
b) Congress
c) Ambassadors
d) Judicial Branch

How long is a term of office for VA's Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General?
a) 5 years
b) 8 years
c) 4 years
d) 10 years

Which of the following is NOT a role of the Governor?
a) Chief Diplomat
b) Chief of State
c) Party Chief
d) Commander in Chief

All of the following help in VA's executive branch by administering and enforcing laws, regulating business and the economy, and providing services EXCEPT?
a) cabinet departments
b) judges
c) regulatory boards
d) agencies and commissions

The elected head of cities and towns are known as?
a) Mayors
b) Judges
c) Managers
d) Governors

Who is second in rank to the governor?
a) Lieutenant Governor
b) Vice Governor
c) Attorney General
d) Vice President

What does the Governor have that oversees the various responsibilities or functions of the state?
a) Vice President
b) Cabinet
c) Board of Supervisors
d) Secretary of State

When the President formally welcomes and entertains the foreign leaders of nations, he exercises which presidential role?
a) Chief of State
b) Chief Executive
c) Chief Diplomat
d) Chief of Party

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