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Failure to register to vote and lack of interest are causes of?
a) Citizens failing to vote
b) Citizens failing to show up for jury duty
c) Citizens facing legal consequences
d) Citizens having a voice in their government

Which of the following is NOT a qualification to vote in VA?
a) Married
b) Citizen of the U.S.
c) 18 years old
d) VA state resident

The President and Vice President are elected by?
a) A majority vote in the U.S. Senate
b) A majority vote in the Electoral College
c) A popular vote of the people
d) A presidential primary in the states

The winner take all system in the Electoral College leads to?
a) Electors from two or more parties in the same state
b) Targeting large states for campaigning
c) An equal number of electors from each state
d) Frequent ties in elections

Why must candidates pay attention to small states?
a) In a close race the electoral votes of small states matter
b) Candidates don't want to be biased
c) In a close rase, it's awesome to pay attention to small states
d) Small states have the most electoral votes

The number of electors a state has is based on the?
a) average population of towns and cities
b) number of citizens registered to vote
c) number of Congressional representatives
d) average membership in political parties

Political parties usually don't agree on issues affecting the country. The differences are most evident in?
a) The amount of money each party spends
b) Their different mascots
c) Their platforms and campaigns
d) The party's negative ads

Which is the MOST characteristic of the American political process?
a) a one party system
b) a two party system
c) a three party system
d) a four party system

When someone or something favors one way of believing, acting, or feeling other another, they are showing?
a) propaganda
b) bias
c) political anger
d) egotism

All of the following are strategies for evaluating campaign speeches, literature, and advertisements for accuracy EXCEPT?
a) watching the nightly news
b) evaluating sources
c) detecting bias
d) identifying propaganda

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