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What do interest groups give to candidates who typically support their viewpoint?
a) contributions
b) posters
c) candy
d) bribes

International issues can force local governments to make policy decisions about protecting public health because?
a) Diseases can spread across borders
b) TV signals can spread across borders
c) Clouds are found worldwide
d) Everyone travels

The migration of wildlife across large areas of land may require local governments to take action to help protect the?
a) Environment
b) Weather
c) Highways
d) People

After 9/11, many local governments have developed policies to deal with the threat of?
a) Terrorism
b) Flying
c) Storms
d) Frost

The growth of the global economy may require local governments to develop new economic policies in response to?
a) New emerging global economies
b) New technologies
c) Old technologies
d) More workers

Which of the following has an impact on public opinion and helps shape public policy at the local, state, and national levels of government?
a) Electoral College
b) Mass Media
c) Political Spectrum
d) Community Service

Government officials use the media to?
a) Communicate with people
b) Veto laws
c) Become rich and famous
d) Make money

Public policy is influenced by all of the following EXCEPT?
a) Individuals and interest groups
b) Mass media
c) The date of a general election
d) International issues and events

Special interest groups influence public policy by doing all of the following EXCEPT?
a) Identifying issues
b) Making political contributions
c) Conducting judicial reviews
d) Lobbying government officials

Which of the following is NOT a forum that mass media provides for opposing viewpoints?
a) Political cartoons
b) Newspaper editorials
c) Round table discussions on TV
d) Important news alerts at the bottom of the TV screen

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