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Finding The Start Time Of Events. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

If Mom works 6 hours and gets home at 4:15 PM, what time does she go in to work?
a) 10:15 AM
b) 9:15 AM
c) 10:45 AM
d) 10:00 AM

Jason finishes the race at 4:53 PM. If his time is 23 minutes, what time did the race start?
a) 4:30 PM
b) 4:00 PM
c) 4:33 PM
d) 4:45 PM

I got home from the game at 9:50. If the game lasted 3 and a half hours, what time did it start?
a) 6:20 PM
b) 6:50 PM
c) 7:20 PM
d) 7:00 PM

Jen finished lunch at 12:28 PM. If her lunch period is 40 minutes long, what time does it start?
a) 11:48 AM
b) 11:48 PM
c) 11:58 AM
d) 11:38 AM

Joe got home at 12:30 AM. If he been out for 5 1/2 hours, what time had he left?
a) 7:00 PM
b) 8:00 PM
c) 7:30 PM
d) 7:00 AM

Rob finished with a time of 17 minutes. If he finished at 4:30, what time did he start?
a) 4:13
b) 4:03
c) 4:17
d) 4:07

Ellen finished her homework at 9:15 PM. If it took her 2 hours 20 minutes, what time did she start?
a) 6:55 PM
b) 7:25 PM
c) 7:05 PM
d) 7:55 PM

Tina was done with her homework at 10:20. If she spend 45 minutes on homework, what time did she start?
a) 9:35
b) 9:40
c) 8:45
d) 9:45

Bill got home from Cedar Point at 11:15 PM. If he had been there for 14 hours, what time did he arrive?
a) 9:15 AM
b) 9:15 PM
c) 9:45 PM
d) 11:01 PM

Sam clocked out at 2:45 PM. If she had worked for 6 hours and 20 minutes, what time did she go in to work?
a) 8:25 AM
b) 8:45 AM
c) 9:25 AM
d) 9:45 PM

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