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Organisms that consume wastes to obtain the nutrients they need to survive are classified as
a) decomposers
b) herbivores
c) predators
d) producers

What do the arrow in a food chain represent?
a) Life cycle stages
b) Flow of energy
c) one community replacing another
d) renewable resource depletion

Most scientists agree that an increase in the amount of greenhouse gases entering Earth’s atmosphere causes
a) a decrease in sea level
b) a decrease in average surface temperature
c) an increase in melting of the polar ice caps
d) an increase in crustal plate movement

One consumer in a fish tank could be
a) water
b) fish
c) rock
d) green plant

Populations living in one place form a
a) community
b) system
c) habitat
d) species

Which situation is the best example of ecological succession?
a) An organism survives a difficult winter.
b) The populations in an area remain the same.
c) One species replaces another species in an ecosystem.
d) Each of several species uses the same amount of resources.

Which statement best describes the relationship between the deer and the plants?
a) The deer supplies food and oxygen to the green plants.
b) The deer supplies food and carbon dioxide to the green plants.
c) The green plants supply food and carbon dioxide to the deer.
d) The green plants supply food and oxygen to the deer

As the population of small fish in a lake decreases, the population of large fish that depend on the small fish for food will
a) reproduce faster
b) begin to produce their own food
c) decrease in number
d) increase in number

Idenify which type of organism would be located at level 2 in an energy pyramid
a) Herbivore
b) Producer
c) Carnivore
d) Omnivore

Identify one product, other than sugar, that results from the process of photosynthesis.
a) sunlight
b) water
c) carbon dioxide
d) oxygen

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