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Aeneas is a prince from what place?
a) Greece
b) Rome
c) Gaul
d) Troy

Choose the correct list of family member of Aeneas.
a) Venus, Creusa, Ajax
b) Anchises, Ajax, Odysseus
c) Ajax, Odysseus, Ascanius
d) Venus, Anchises, Ascsanius

Why did Aeneas leave Troy?
a) He was bored at home.
b) His father told him to leave.
c) The Greeks destroyed Troy.
d) He wanted a new wife.

The mother of Aeneas is
a) Venus
b) Hera
c) Creusa
d) Lavinia

How did the Greek win the war?
a) The Greeks lost the war.
b) The Greeks hid inside the Trojan Horse.
c) The warrior Achilles won the war.
d) The Trojans gave up after 10 years.

Which goddess wanted to stop Aeneas?
a) Juno
b) Minerva
c) Venus
d) Diana

Who did Aeneas fall in love with in Carthage?
a) Creusa
b) Livinia
c) Dido
d) Alba Longa

Who did Aeneas marry in Italy?
a) Creusa
b) Dido
c) Livinia
d) Alba Longa

What city did Ascanius found?
a) Alba Longa
b) Rome
c) Venice
d) Florence

Where did Aeneas sail to after leaving Troy?
a) Italy
b) Gaul
c) Spain
d) Britain

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