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What is the purpose of the source note in a table?
a) identify the source of table information
b) identify the author of he document containing the table
c) provide additional comments by the author
d) provide a location for the typist to sign

The enter/return key is struck by the
a) left thumb
b) right thumb
c) left pinky finger
d) right pinky finger

The dollar sign ($) is followed
a) with no space
b) by one space
c) by two spaces
d) by three spaces

The + key on the Numeric Keypad is struck by the
a) right index finger
b) right middle finger
c) right ring finger
d) right pinky finger

Which notation should be used if an additional document is stapled to a memo?
a) typist initials
b) copy notation
c) attachment notation
d) complimentary close

How should the bottom margin be set in the letter?
a) 2"
b) 1"
c) 2.5"
d) 1.5"

What is the method of formatting when all parts of the letter are aligned at the left margin?
a) open punctuation
b) mixed punctuation
c) block style
d) indented

What should separate the main parts of each reference in a bibliography of a report?
a) comma
b) colon
c) quotation marks
d) period

How should the first line of each reference be formatted in a bibliography of a report?
a) centered
b) left aligned
c) right aligned
d) indented

Where should the dollar symbol be positioned in a column of a table?
a) first entry of the column
b) all entries in a column
c) every other entry in a column
d) only the last entry in a column

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