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What are the three parts of effective note-taking
a) Observing, recording, and reviewing
b) Writing, outlining, and revising
c) Copying, editing, and revising
d) Listening, reciting, and repeating

Which of the following is a clue that a particular point from a lecture will be on an exam?
a) All of these
b) The instructor repeats the point
c) The instructor glances at his or her notes before making the point
d) The instructor becomes more animated as he or she discusses the point

It is more important to write fast then have well structured notes
a) false
b) true

Which of the following describes the Cornell format of note-taking?
a) Left of your noteskey word clues and sample questions and at the bottom a summary
b) Taking notes on 3x5 cards
c) Leaving half of every sheet blank, and copying notes of other students below your own notes after cl
d) Recording outside information in a separate column to the right of your notes

What’s an easy way to sort extraneous material from the important points when you’re taking notes?
a) Take notes using key words or phrases
b) Take notes with a bold pen
c) Use random listening techniques
d) All of these

What’s an effective way to deal with an instructor who talks too fast?
a) All of these
b) Ask the instructor to slow down
c) Exchange class notes with other students
d) Use a recorder

When you miss a class you should
a) contact a classmate to get the notes and find out about any new assignments.
b) wait until the next class to get the notes.
c) wait for your instructor to contact you about missed assignments.
d) leave a space in your notebook and fill it in before the final exam.

What is the opposite of practicing “I create it all”?
a) All of these
b) Seeing yourself as a victim of circumstance
c) Being resigned to a particular outcome
d) Blaming others

When taking notes on a PowerPoint presentation, you should
a) be selective in what you write down.
b) stop taking notes and just focus on what you see.
c) focus on only taking notes on what is said during the class discussion.
d) copy as much as you can directly from the slides.

Setting up separate folders and files on your computer’s hard drive for each online course you are taking can save you from one of the main technology-related time waster: searchin
a) True
b) False

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