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What type of water should you avoid using soap in?
a) Soft
b) Soapy
c) Hard
d) Clear

Why should you avoid using soap in this water?
a) Forms soap scum
b) Doesn't clean well
c) Cleans too well
d) Eats away whatever your washing

What is used more commonly than soap?
a) Dawn
b) Tide
c) Detergents
d) Bleach

What type of a solution is ammonia?
a) Acid
b) Base
c) Neutral
d) none of the above

How does ammonia remove oily dirt and smears?
a) Forms an emulsion
b) Forms a solution
c) Washes it away
d) Eats them away

What is bleach?
a) Acid
b) Disinfectant
c) Stain remover
d) Something to clean with

What does disinfectant mean?
a) Kills small furry mammals
b) Kills germs
c) Kills the surface you are cleaning
d) Kills bacteria and viruses

Is bleach an acid or base?
a) Base
b) Acid
c) Don't pick me
d) Don't pick me

What does bleach do to stains
a) Removes them
b) Turns them colorless
c) Eats them away
d) Washes them out

Why should you not mix bleach with vinegar or anything with ammonia?
a) Smells like roses
b) Smells like sewage
c) Forms a toxic solution
d) Forms toxic gases

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