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Which type of fat raises blood cholesterol levels?
a) Low-fat cheese
b) Polyunsaturated fat
c) Trans-fat
d) Unsaturated fat

What are examples of complete proteins?
a) Apples and bananas
b) Cheese and chicken
c) Dried beans and tomatoes
d) Rice and potatoes

Jeremy consumes no dairy products and calcium in his diet. What impact does this have on his body?
a) Bones could become weak and fragile.
b) Hair will lose its shine.
c) It will cause indigestion.
d) It will decrease his vision.

A nutritional need during breast feeding/lactation is to increase:
a) caffeine.
b) dairy products.
c) fats.
d) snack foods.

A good strategy for meeting the food needs of toddlers is to:
a) introduce meats and vegetables only in mixed recipes.
b) ntroduce new food textures and flavors three at a time.
c) introduce new food textures and flavors one at a time.
d) et the toddler decide what foods he/she wants to eat.

An example of nutritional needs for adults 50 years of age and older is to increase:
a) fatty foods.
b) sodium intake and vitamin C.
c) total calories daily.
d) vitamin B complex, vitamin D and calcium.

A cause of high blood pressure may be excessive:
a) fruit in the diet.
b) omega-3 supplements.
c) salt in the diet.
d) vegetables in the diet.

A symptom of bulimia nervosa may be:
a) healthy teeth.
b) obesity.
c) stained teeth.
d) starvation.

An example of a healthy food choice for a toddler is eating:
a) brightly colored fruits and vegetables.
b) cookies.
c) high-fat cheese.
d) processed meat every day.

How do healthy snacks compare to junk foods? Healthy snacks are:
a) higher in carbohydrates
b) higher in fiber
c) lower in fiber
d) more expensive.

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