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Which of the following is NOT a good candidate for the Yes/No data type?
a) Right/Wrong
b) Yes/No
c) True/False
d) On/Off

An ___ specifies how data is to be entered and how it will appear.
a) input mask
b) attachment
c) OLE field
d) Yes/No field

If an Attachment field contains a picture, the field will display ____.
a) the picture
b) an error message
c) True/False
d) Null

An advantage of using Date data type for a date is that it
a) allows you to perform arithmetic with dates
b) allows you to enter an attachment with dates
c) allows you to enter a picture with dates
d) none of these

When entering data into a field with an ___, Access will automatically insert the parentheses around the area code and the hyphen in the phone number field.
a) input mask
b) Yes/No
c) attachment
d) image

Fields that are ____ fields contain check boxes.
a) Yes/No
b) attachment
c) image
d) date

The subform is a separate ____ in the database.
a) object
b) attachment
c) image
d) datasheet

The portion of a picture that appears is determined by the ____.
a) size mode
b) image mode
c) object mode
d) Bitmap mode

The ____ button on the Arrange tab allows you to tie a control to a section or to another control.
a) anchoring
b) Bitmap
c) object
d) image

To use a form to view data, right-click the form in the ____ and then click Open on the shortcut menu that appears.
a) navigation pane
b) object pane
c) image pane
d) datasheet pane

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