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A book with a spine label of 800 CAL will be found....
a) In the Nonfiction section
b) Not in this Library
c) In the Biography section
d) In the Fiction section

Where is the call number of a book?
a) On the cover
b) By the author\'s name
c) On the title page
d) On the spine label

A book with a call number of 636 can be found between which two books?
a) 600 and 625
b) 675 and 700
c) 650 and 675
d) 625 and 650

If a book\'s call number is a number, what does that tell you about a book?
a) It\'s make believe
b) It\'s not in this Library
c) It\'s true
d) It\'s part make believe

If an author\'s last name is Smith, what might their call number look like?
d) 636 ITH

Make believe books can be found...
a) In the Nonfiction section
b) In the Fiction or Everybody Plaza sections
c) In the Nonfiction AND Biography sections
d) In the Biography section

The man who came up with a way of organized true books was named....
a) Melville Dewey
b) John Colgan
c) Noel Fiction
d) Mr. G.

If the 900 section has true books about History, which book might I find in this section?
a) How to Draw Animals
b) All About Knitting
c) Poems by Kipling
d) The Civil War

If the 500 section has true books about Science, which book might I find in this section?
a) Crafts
b) Mars
c) Diary of a Wimpy Kid
d) The American Flag

If the 700 section has true books about Art, which book might I find in this section?
a) How to Draw Aliens
b) Poetry
c) Grey Wolf
d) Religion

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