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What are spectator ions?
a) Ions that are involved in the reaction
b) Ions that are not involved in the reaction
c) Ions that are slightly involved in the reaction
d) Ions that do not exist

What do strong acids and bases react to form?
a) Water
b) Salt
c) Salt and water
d) Nothing

What is a neutralization reaction?
a) Reaction between two acids
b) Reaction between two bases
c) Reaction
d) Reaction between an acid and a base

When an acid and a base react, what reacts with what to form water?
a) Hydrogen and helium
b) Hydronium ions and hydroxide ions
c) Helium and halogens
d) Hydrogen and halogens

Give an example of a solution that will be acidic after combining with a base in a neutralization reaction.
a) Strong acid and weak base
b) Weak acid and strong base
c) Weak acid and weak base
d) Strong acid and strong base

What are titrations?
a) Determining what solutions are present
b) Determine the concentration of both solutions
c) Determining the concentration of the original solution
d) Making an acid

How is an indicator used in a titration?
a) It changes color when the solution is acidic
b) It changes color when both solutions are equal
c) It changes color when the solution is basic
d) It changes color

What is the equivalence point
a) When both solutions turn acidic
b) When both solutions turn basic
c) When both solutions turn acidic and basic
d) When the new solution's concentration is equal to the original solution

Why doesn't water alone work well to remove dirt and oil?
a) It mixes with dirt
b) It mixes with oil
c) It doesn't mix with dirt or oil
d) It mixes with both dirt and oil

What does soap act as?
a) A solution
b) A detergent
c) An acid
d) An emulsifier

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