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Which type of fat lowers blood cholesterol levels?
a) Hydrogentated fat
b) Polyunsaturated fat
c) Trans fat
d) Vegetable fat

Which fat product is hydrogenated?
a) Butter
b) Crisco® oil
c) Margarine
d) Olive Oil

If a person is on a diet to lose weight and cut back on saturated fatty acids, he/she should eat:
a) fewer dressings with olive oil and canola oil.
b) fewer fruits and vegetables.
c) less candy and cake with coconut and palm oil
d) less drinking water

Red velvet cake, pecan pie, cheesecake, lollipops, Karo® corn syrup, and jellies are classified as:
a) Complex carbohydrates
b) fiber
c) simple carbohydrates
d) vitamins

Aaron plays sports. What is the BEST meal for him to eat for high performance during the game?
a) Complex carbohydrates six hours before competition
b) Complex carbohydrates three hours before competition
c) Simple carbohydrates one hour before competition
d) Simple carbohydrates right before competition

What is a good source of vitamin D?
a) Being out in the sunshine
b) Drinking juice
c) Eating apples
d) Eating chicken livers

What food source is high in antioxidants?
a) Blueberries
b) Cabbage
c) Crisco® oil
d) Sardines

Whole wheat flour is classified as a:
a) complex carbohydrate.
b) fat
c) fiber
d) simple carbohydrates

Excessive sweating, dryness of the mouth, weakness and an increased pulse rate are results of not consuming enough:
a) water
b) carbohydrates
c) protein
d) vitamins

An important function of water in the body is to:
a) add calories to the diet.
b) help with food digestion.
c) protect internal organs.
d) supply all energy.

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