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Controls body functions such as your heart beat that you do not think about.
a) autonomic nervous system
b) sensory organs
c) neurons
d) central nervous system

Different parts of your brain communicate through these
a) stimulus
b) neurons
c) sensory organs
d) ANS

Made up of your brain and spinal cord, this receives and processes signals sent throughout your body
a) Stimulus
b) Sensory Organs
c) Central Nervous System
d) Voluntary Nervous System

Any change in your environment that is perceived by your senses.
a) Stimulus
b) Neurons
c) Voluntary Nervous System
d) Peripheral Nervous System

Collections of nerves throughout your body
a) Central Nervous System
b) Autonomic Nervous System
c) Peripheral Nervous System
d) Automatic Nervous System

Eyes, ears, and skin
a) Neurons
b) Sensory Organs
c) Stimulus
d) CNS

The system that controls your skeletal muscles
a) Central Nervous System
b) Peripheral Nervous System
c) Autonomic Nervous System
d) Voluntary Nervous System

This contains the actual message, like a writing
a) neurotransmitter
b) synapse
c) presynaptic terminal
d) cell body

This receives incoming messages
a) synapse
b) cell body
c) dendrites
d) neurotransmitter

Place a message goes before jumping to the next neuron
a) cell body
b) Presynaptic Terminal
c) dendrites
d) neurotransmitter

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