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Heat is measured in
a) joules
b) watts
c) meters
d) units

the study of the transfer of energy as heat accompanying physical and chemical changes
a) thermochemistry
b) heat chemistry
c) electrochemistry
d) phase chemistry

15 degrees celcius is how many degrees kelvin?
a) 273.15 K
b) 288.15 K
c) 258.15 K
d) 383 K

the energy transferred between samples of matter becuase of a difference in their temperatures
a) heat
b) speed
c) calories
d) what is energy?

heat always tends to travels from
a) higher temperatures to lower temperatures
b) lower temperatures to higher temperatures
c) it doesnt travel
d) what is heat?

the amount of energy required to change 1gram of a substance 1 degree celcius or one kelvin
a) specific heat
b) latent heat
c) ideal heat
d) travelled heat

during a change of state (ex solid to liquid), what happens to the temperature of the substance?
a) it does not change
b) it increases
c) it decreases
d) it doubles

the heat transferred during a change of state is called
a) latent heat
b) specific heat
c) ideal heat
d) phase heat

latent heat of fusion means is the amount of heat needed to __________ 1kg of substance without changing its temperature
a) melt
b) vaporize
c) evaporate
d) fuse

300 Kelvin is equal to how many degrees celcius?
a) 273.15 degrees celcius
b) 26.85 degrees celcius
c) 573.15 degrees celcius
d) 30 degrees celcius

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