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A list of rights added to the Constitution
a) The Bill of Rights
b) amend
c) A bill of laden
d) trial

A meeting of people to talk about the same subject
a) convention
b) convection
c) checks and balance
d) trial

A breaking of a law
a) crime
b) Bill of Rights
c) trial
d) Supreme Court

The highest court in the United States
a) Supreme Court
b) Super Court
c) President
d) Judicial Branch

A part of the whole
a) branch
b) checks and balance
c) Bill of Rights
d) amend

A way to make sure one group is not more powerful than another group
a) checks and balance
b) amend
c) trial
d) checks and coins

The part of the government that makes the laws
a) Legislative Branch
b) Judicial Branch
c) Executive Branch
d) Constitution

To change; to improve
a) amend
b) amen
c) branch
d) checks and balance

The part of the government than enforces the laws
a) Executive Branch
b) Judicial Branch
c) Legislative Branch
d) Bill of Rights

The way a dispute is settled in a court of law
a) trial
b) checks and balance
c) convention
d) amend

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