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Which statement describes a species variation that could be created by interspecies interaction?
a) Two species of rodent in geographically distant deserts ahve nearly identical adaptations.
b) A blue butterfly species fools an ant species into caring for its larvae.
c) An iguana stores fat in its tail in preparation for a season of less food.
d) A mutation in a gene sequence produces a new trait in an azalea plant.

A scientist places a plant cell in a solution of salt water. In a short time, the size of the plant cell shrinks. Which structure plays th greatest role in making this happen?
a) Cell wall
b) Cell membrane
c) Cytoplasm
d) Chloroplast

Which function does the uterus serve in mammalian reproduction?
a) To serve as a sit for the fertilization of an egg
b) To protect an egg as it travels away from the ovary
c) To hold the offspring as it develops in the body
d) To produce the egg cell before its release from the ovary

Which statement best describes a difference between animals and plants?
a) Animals are single-celled and plants are mulicellular.
b) Plant cells have chloroplasts and animal cells do not.
c) Animals rely on plants for nutrition and plants eat animals for nutrition
d) Animals reproduce asexually, and plants reproduce sexually.

Plants need carbon dioxide and sunlight to produce energy. These are BEST described as
a) dietary factors
b) climate factors
c) biotic factors
d) abiotic factors

Which statement best describes the heart?
a) The heart is made of cardiac muscle.
b) The heart is made of skeletal muscle.
c) The heart is made of smooth muscle.
d) The heart is not made of any muscle.

A scientist discovers a new species of mammal that has 30 chromosomes in its skin cells. How many chromosomes are found in the mammal's reproductive cells?
a) 10
b) 15
c) 30
d) 60

Which organ is not functioning correctly if an individual is unable to compact waste or reabsorb liquid from undigested food?
a) stomach
b) esophagus
c) small intestine
d) large intestine

Which best describes how the small intestine and circulatory system work together?
a) The blood absorbs the nutrients from the small intestine.
b) The small intestine filters toxins from the blood.
c) The blood gets oxygen from the small intestine.
d) The small intestine removes the water from the blood.

A patient develops a problem with the alveoli of the respiratory system. Which function of the respiratory system will most likely be affected?
a) the ability to filter dust and other particles of air
b) the ability to pull air deep into the lungs
c) the ability to carry air from the nose to the lungs
d) the ability to exchange gases with the bloodstream.

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