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Which of the following lists only abiotic factors?
a) apple trees, dogs, soil, water
b) fish, river, sand, insects
c) bees, pollen, nectar, water
d) sunlight, a river, sand, minerals

Which statement describes a characteristic shared by members of the kingdoms Fungi and Plantae?
a) They decompose nonliving organisms.
b) They have chloroplasts.
c) They depend on other organisms for nutrition.
d) They have cell walls.

A cat has the same eye color as its grandfather but not its father. Which best explains the reason for this?
a) It grew up in the same environment as its grandfather and not its father.
b) It shares some of the same chromosomes as its father and grandfather.
c) It inherited its mitochondria from its mother but not its father.
d) It has the same hair color as its grandfather but not its father.

Which statement describes a characteristic of ALL organisms in the kingdom Animalia?
a) They depend on other organisms for nutrition.
b) They are multicellular and lack a nucleus.
c) They always reproduce asexually.
d) They use chloroplasts to produce their own nutrients.

A science student was asked to create a model of a DNA nucleotide with a base that pairs with uracil. Which is the correct model?
a) Phosphate-Deoxyribose-Thymine
b) Phosphate-Deoxyribose-Adenine
c) Phosphate-Ribose-Adenine
d) Phosphate-Ribose-Uracil

Which statement correctly describes a similarity between plant cells and animal cells?
a) They both lack chloroplasts.
b) They both lack cell walls.
c) They both lack ribososmes.
d) They both have vacuoles.

Birds living in arctic regions have thicker feathers than birds living in warmer climates. Which statement best describes the function of thicker feathers?
a) Thicker feathers help birds blend into their environment.
b) Thicker feathers help birds escape predators.
c) Thicker feathers help birds catch their prey.
d) Thicker feathers keep birds warmer in cold climates.

Which statement below best describes the law of dominance?
a) Haploid cells have half the number of chromosomes as diploid cells.
b) The genotype for height does not affect the genotype for blood type.
c) Homozygous dominant individuals are better adapted to their environments.
d) Heterozygous genotypes do not express the recessive phenotype.

Which statement correctly identifies one function of a vacuole in plant cells?
a) It contains a large amount of fluid, which helps a plant keep its shape.
b) It captures energy from sunlight, which helps a plant produce food.
c) It contains genetic information, which helps a plant produce proteins.
d) It contains a green pigment, which helps a plant release energy from sugars.

Which statement identifies a similarity between plant and animal cells?
a) Plant and animal cells both have cell walls.
b) Plant and animal cells both have cell membranes.
c) Plant and animal cells both have chloroplasts.
d) Plant and animal cells both have central vacuoles.

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