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Which of the following describes why a straw in a glass of water appears broken
a) the light is refracted
b) the light is reflected
c) the staw actually is broken
d) the straw absorbs all of the colors and reflects white

which of the following describes a soil's ability to supply nutrients?
a) soil fertility
b) soil structure
c) infiltration
d) consistency

What happens at divergent plate boundaries
a) tectonic plates move apart
b) hot spots cause volcanoes
c) oceanic plates sink, which causes magma to form
d) heat from Earth's core causes mantle plumes

these are the last seismic waves to arrive
a) surface waves
b) P waves
c) S waves
d) artificial waves

the process in which sediment is removed from its source and transported is called
a) erosion
b) weathering
c) uplift
d) deposition

objects that transmit light easily are called
a) transparent
b) transluscent
c) opaque
d) colored

At the same temperature, in which medium does sound travel the fastest?
a) solid
b) liquid
c) gas
d) it travels at the same speed

what interaction of sound waves determines sound quality?
a) interference
b) reflection
c) pitch
d) diffraction

Which light interaction explains why you can see things that do not produce their own light?
a) reflection
b) absorption
c) scattering
d) refraction

which of the following materials would not be a good insulator
a) metal
b) plastic
c) wood
d) cloth

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