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What is the job of the Office of Management & Budget?
a) Makes sure that the US doesn't spend more money that we make.
b) Prepares the President's budget and reports for congress
c) make sure that citizens pay their taxes
d) make sure that the president gets his paycheck.

Which of the following secretaries are INCORRECTLY matched to their respective department?
a) Department of Justice = Attorney General
b) Department of State = Secretary of State
c) Department of Education = Secretary of Education
d) Department of Homeland Security = Security Secretary

How do we select Cabinet members?
a) Elected by the popular vote
b) Appointed by the Supreme Court
c) Appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate
d) Appointed by the Electoral College

How many electoral votes does each state have?
a) equal to 10% of their population
b) equal to the number of senators plus the number of lamas.
c) equal to the number of people that represent the state in congress
d) equal to the number of supreme court justices.

If the president would become disabled,
a) the Vice President takes over
b) the Speaker of the house temporarily takes over until the VP moves into the White House.
c) the Secretary of State takes over until the Speaker of the house finds someone to fill his/her place
d) the Vice President appoints someone so that he or she can continue as head of the Senate.

Until 1800, the person who won the most votes in the Electoral College became President, and the person who came in second became
a) Speaker of the House
b) Old Maid
c) Vice President
d) Secretary of State

The 12th amendment says that
a) the president and the VP run on the same ticket and are elected together
b) the president and the VP must be elected by the popular vote now, not the electoral vote
c) the president must only serve 2 terms.
d) the president must be the commander in chief of the military.

In fulfilling the role of chief diplomat, the president...
a) deals with foreign policy and the leaders of other countries
b) is in charge of the armed forces
c) is the head of his/her political party
d) is the leader of the citizens in the country

The states of New Hampshire and Iowa are important in the primary election process because they
a) are the only states that vote
b) are the first states that vote
c) are the biggest states that vote
d) do not vote at all.

if states do not have a primary election to select the presidential candidate from their party, they likely have a
a) caucus
b) cactus
c) electoral college
d) general election

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