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What are the 3 constitutional requirements for becoming the president
a) at least 35 years old, must have been a US senator, must have military experience.
b) Must be a natural born citizen, must have held political office, must have lived here for 20 years.
c) Must be a natural born citizen, must be at least 35, must have lived in the US for 14 years.
d) At least 25 years old, no more than 65 years old, must be a US citizen.

What was the 22nd Amendment?
a) President can serve for unlimited terms
b) President and VP can run on the same ticket
c) President cannot make more money than someone in congress
d) President can only serve 2 terms

What is the correct line of succession?
a) VP, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense.
b) VP, First Lady, Chief of Staff.
c) VP, Secretary of State, Speaker of the House.
d) VP, Speaker of the House, President Pro-Temp of the Senate, Secretary of State.

According to the constitution, one of the VP\'s responsibilities is to
a) make the annual state of the union speech.
b) Act as the Speaker of the House of Representatives
c) Act as the President of the Senate
d) act as the commander in chief of the military

What is a Battleground State?
a) A state that hosted many battles during the Civil War
b) A state that has a very high crime rate
c) A state that is very close in a presidential election
d) A state that has a high military presence

How many votes must a candidate get to win the electoral college vote in the country?
a) 538
b) 535
c) 270
d) 100

Who must approve of presidential treaties and appointments?
a) Senate
b) House of Representatives
c) VP
d) Supreme Court

What happens if no candidate wins a majority of the votes in the electoral college?
a) The ballots must be counted again.
b) The Supreme Court must decide the winner.
c) The House of Representatives decides the winner.
d) The 2 closest candidates engage is a simulation of Mortal Combat, and the winner becomes President.

What is a bureaucracy?
a) a long document that explains what the president must do to complete the job.
b) a complex organization.
c) a speech that the president must give from time to time.
d) a delicious meal.

Which of these cabinet departments was established by George Washington
a) The Department of Homeland Security
b) The Department of Education
c) The Department of State
d) The Department of Agriculture

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