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Name given to the two first decades of the 20th century
a) Progressive Era
b) Temperance Movment
c) Thirties
d) Twenties

Teacher-training institution
a) Normal School
b) Educator prep college
c) BA
d) Teacher Training School

Encouraged people to give up drinking alcoholic beverages
a) Temperance Movement
b) Abstinence Movement
c) Modality Movement
d) Christians

Forbidding the making or selling of alcoholic beverages
a) Prohibition
b) Legalization
c) Temptation
d) Anti-Drinking Institute

Location of the scopes trial
a) Dayton, TN
b) Chattanooga, TN
c) Nashville, TN
d) Murfreesboro, TN

Gave women the right to vote
a) 19th Amendment
b) 20th Amendment
c) 18th Amendment
d) 17 Amendment

Number of states needed to ratify a constitutional amendment in 1920
a) 36
b) 38
c) 24
d) 50

A famous blues musician
a) WC Handy
b) Austin Peay
c) Mark Handle
d) Dave Ramsey

A hero of World War I
a) Alvin C York
b) Austin Peay
c) Mark Handle
d) WC Handy

The first governor since the Civil War to be elected to three consecutive term.
a) Austin Peay
b) WC Handy
c) Alvin York
d) Dave Ramsey

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