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Greece is made up of ....
a) a mountainous peninsula and many small islands
b) thousands of square miles of desert
c) a river valley
d) flat farmland

Greece was located on what sea?
a) Black
b) Caspian
c) Mediterranean
d) Red

Athens and Sparta were known as .....
a) kingdoms
b) empires
c) nations
d) city-states

Sparta had the mos powerful _______________ in Greece.
a) army
b) navy
c) senate
d) judges

Greek word for _________ is "polis"
a) city
b) state
c) city-state
d) gvoernment

What was the name of the war between Athens and Sparta
a) Persian War
b) Peloponnesian War
c) Greek Civil War
d) War of Carthage

What are major cultural differences between Sparta and Athens
a) Sparta was a center for literature, art and philosophy/ Athens focused on military
b) Athens was a center for literature, art, and philosophy/Sparta focused on military
c) Exercise and training was essential in Sparta and Athens
d) Men and women were considered equal in Sparta but not Athens

Athens government was different from Sparta because....
a) Athens was a democracy and Sparta was a military state
b) Athens allowed all men to vote, Sparta only allowed men who owned property
c) Athens allowed women to vote, Sparta did not
d) Athenians did not have to serve in military, all Spartans had to

Why was the Athenian Alliance created?
a) Sparta and Athens needed to work together during the Peloponnesian War
b) Other foreign city-states, Like Troy and Persia chose to fight with Athens
c) Athens and Sparta made other city-states choose sides during the Peloponnesian War
d) Athens and Sparta joined naval forces against the Persians

With all the city-states involved in the Peloponnesian War, who won?
a) Athens
b) Sparta
c) Corinth
d) Mycenae

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