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Icecream melting on a hot sunny day
a) Endothermic
b) mmmm Icecream.....
c) No heat transfer
d) Exothermic

an endothermic reaction _______________ heat
a) releases
b) lets go of
c) discovers
d) absorbs

sitting by a warm campfire on a cold night, the campfire is an example of
a) an exothermic process
b) roasting marshmellows?
c) oooo, pretty fire.....
d) an endothermic process

walking on hot sand feeling it on your feet in the summer, heat transfers from
a) your feet to the sand
b) ouch! hot sand!
c) the sand to the sun
d) the sand to your feet

sitting down on a cold metal bench, the bench feels cold becuase
a) heat transfers from the ground to the bench
b) no heat is transfered, so it feels cold
c) heat is absorbed by the bench from your body, leaving you feeling it as cold
d) heat is absorbed into your hand from the bench, so it feels cold

an exothermic reaction is where heat is _______________
a) released
b) taken in
c) degraded
d) absorbed

water condensing from a gas to a liquid (like dew forming on a cold glass of juice)
a) endothermic
b) like rain?
c) what is water?
d) exothermic

a puddle of water evaporating into a gas in the sunlight
a) endothermic
b) I like to jump in puddles!
c) whats a puddle?
d) exothermic

icicles forming in the winter
a) endothermic
b) dont let it fall on your head!
c) I like snow!
d) exothermic

in a chemical reaction, if more energy is required to make the chemical bonds than to break them apart, the reaction is endothermic, so we see a
a) decrease in temperature
b) huh?
c) no change in temperature
d) increase in temperature

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