Elapsed Time - Finding End Time Question Preview (ID: 1481)

Practice Finding The End Time Of Events When You Know The Start Time And The Elapsed Time.

The movie starts at 5:20 and lasts 2 hours and 5 minutes. What time does it end?
a) 7:25 PM
b) 10:22 PM
c) 7:20 PM
d) 7:05 PM

Ken goes in to work at 8:20 AM and works for 8 and a half hours. What time does he get off work?
a) 4:50 PM
b) 4:45 PM
c) 4:30 PM
d) 5:30 PM

We start eating dinner at 6:15 PM. If it takes us about 50 minutes to eat, what time are we finished?
a) 7:05 PM
b) 7:55 PM
c) 6:50 PM
d) 6:55 PM

Our family goes to the zoo at 10:00 AM. If we stay for 6 and a half hours, what time will we leave?
a) 4:30 PM
b) 5:00 PM
c) 3:30 PM
d) 5:30 PM

I started sewing at 11:50. If I spent 4 hours and 10 minutes sewing, what time did I finish?
a) 4:40 PM
b) 5:10 PM
c) 5:40 PM
d) 4:10 PM

Jason starts the race at 11:05. He finishes in 2 hours and 10 minutes. What time does his finish?
a) 1:15 PM
b) 2:15 PM
c) 1:55 PM
d) 1:45 PM

My friends and I go shopping at 2:30 PM. If we meet together in 1 1/2 hours, what time do we meet?
a) 4:00 PM
b) 4:30 PM
c) 3:30 PM
d) 3:00 PM

I start my homework at 7:40. If it takes me 2 hours 40 minutes, what time am I finished?
a) 10:20 PM
b) 9:40 PM
c) 9:20 PM
d) 11:20 PM

Jeff goes to his friends at 1:10 PM. If he is there for 3 hours and 40 minutes, what time does he come home?
a) 4:50 PM
b) 5:50 PM
c) 4:10 PM
d) 5:10 PM

Ann starts the laundry at 7:10 AM. If she does three loads and each load takes 1 hour and 15 mintues, what time is she finished?
a) 10:55 AM
b) 11:55 AM
c) 11:05 AM
d) 10:35 AM

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