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When you put food coloring in room temperature water, the coloring spreads throughout the water. This happens mainly because
a) The water molecules are warm.
b) The water molecules are in motion
c) The water molecules are attracted to the food coloring.
d) The water is denser than the food coloring.

When placed in direct sunlight, which object would absorb the most radiation?
a) a white sweater
b) a snowball
c) some aluminum foil
d) a black sweater

A measurement of the amount of kinetic energy or molecular motion of a substance.
a) heat
b) temperature
c) radiation
d) conduction

What method of heat transfer would the material mylar help to reduce?
a) conduction
b) convection
c) radiation
d) insulation

A teacup and bathtub are full of 95 degree Celsius water. Which would have the most thermal energy?
a) The teacup
b) The bathtub
c) The would have the same amount.
d) Can't be determined.

You place a can of cold soda on the counter for several minutes. When you remove the can you notice the counter is colder where the soda was sitting. Which explanation is correct?
a) The cold has been transferred from the soda to the counter.
b) There is no heat energy left in the counter beneath the can.
c) Some heat has been transferred from the counter to the soda.
d) The coldness from the can was transferred into the counter.

What method of heat transfer would occur if you held a metal spoon with your hand and it caused an ice cube in the spoon to melt?
a) conduction
b) convection
c) radiation
d) insulation

To keep a pop cool without a cooler, the best material to wrap the pop in would be?
a) aluminum foil
b) paper towel
c) wool sock
d) cotton sock

A metal spoon, a wool sock, and a wood block were all placed in the freezer over night which would have the coldest temperature?
a) wood block
b) metal spoon
c) wool sock
d) all would have the same temperature

A thermometer is placed on the countertop. Another is placed inside a thick oven mitt on the counter. Which would have the highest temperature?
a) The temperature on the countertop
b) The temperature in the oven mitt.
c) They both would have the same temperature.
d) Can't be determined

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