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In the United States, when is the Sun closest to Earth?
a) Spring
b) Summer
c) Winter
d) Fall

One “day” on the Moon lasts about:
a) 1 Earth day.
b) 24 hours.
c) 7 Earth days.
d) 27 Earth days.

During which phase of the Moon could a solar eclipse occur?
a) Full Mooon
b) New Moon
c) Waning Gibbous
d) First Quarter

The gravitational force exerted on objects on the Moon is about 1/6 that of Earth. If an object weighs 240 newtons on the Moon, on Earth it would weigh:
a) 40 N
b) 240 N
c) 1440 N
d) 2352 N

The time period most closely associated with the lunar cycle is the:
a) month
b) day
c) year
d) season of the year

Scientists, within the last fifty years, have concluded that the large craters on the Moon’s surface were formed by:
a) impact with meteoroids.
b) volcanic action long ago.
c) splattering from hot mud springs.
d) erosion by ancient seas.

Present features of the Moon’s surface include all of the following EXCEPT:
a) maria
b) craters
c) active volcanoes
d) highlands

What is the phase of the Moon called when the Moon is not visible?
a) no moon
b) new moon
c) full moon
d) old moon

The mysterious, curtain-like light seen in the night sky at various times of the year is known as:
a) a solar flare
b) solar wind
c) an aurora
d) a prominence

The Moon has less of a force of gravity at its surface than Earth does because:
a) it has a smaller mass than Earth.
b) It has a smaller diameter than Earth.
c) it rotates more slowly than Earth.
d) objects have less mass on its surface.

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