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Modal number is the same as:
a) mode
b) graph
c) trend
d) mean

Bar charts is:
a) A bar where you can chat with friends
b) A way of presenting data
c) A form to represent a function
d) The same as a pie charts

A frequency table is:
a) Where the information ca be laid out
b) the number of questions
c) The questionnaires.
d) Where we write everything

The information in the statistics study is called
a) Mean
b) Information
c) Data
d) Names

Data ca be collected by:
a) Asking people
b) Newspaper and TV shows
c) Looking through internet
d) Interviewing people, observing something happening or using questionnaires

Data could be:
a) Numbers
b) Names
c) Only integers
d) 1 and 2 are true

Trend graphs are used to show how data change over time. How many steps we need for drawing?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 2 or 3, it depends
d) 3

The most common item in the table is:
a) Mode
b) Mean
c) Frecuency
d) Numbers

The mean is also know as the:
a) Mode
b) Mark
c) Average
d) Modal number

Pie charts are:
a) Bars
b) Squares
c) Triangles
d) Circles

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