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To make Anna’s circuit work, choose the proper combination of materials:
a) Battery, plastic paper clip, copper wire, and buzzer
b) two batteries, copper wire, plastic paper clip, and buzzer
c) battery, string, metal paper clip, and buzzer
d) Battery, metal paper clip, copper wire, and buzzer

Which is the correct way to place the batteries in the flashlight?
a) negative end to a negative end
b) any way is correct
c) negative end to a positive end
d) positive end to a positive end

Which would be the best list of materials to use for insulation?
a) Rubber glove, aluminum foil, wood block, and glass rod
b) Brass key, aluminum foil, steel rod, and tin pie plate
c) Rubber hose, plastic spoon, wooden rod, and cotton rope
d) Plastic rod, cloth, paper, and brass key

What two forms of energy does the fire from a burning candle release?
a) light and heat
b) magnetic and chemical
c) electrical and mechanical
d) sound and mechanical

Which materials does Joe need to build his circuit that will demonstrate how electrical energy can be transformed into light energy?
a) Switch, string, battery, bulb
b) Battery, bulb, switch, copper wire
c) Copper wire, battery, bulb, magnet
d) switch, bulb, copper wire, tape

What is a closed circuit?
a) a path where a wire is broken
b) a path where the light bulb has been removed
c) a path where everything is connected
d) a path where the switch is open

Which is NOT an object that uses electric energy?
a) alarm clock
b) skateboard
c) blender
d) freezer

When buying strands of party lights to decorate the backyard, it would be best to look for lights on a
a) series circuit (if one bulb goes out they all go out).
b) series circuit (if one bulb goes out the others stay lit).
c) parallel circuit (if one bulb goes out they all go out).
d) parallel circuit (if one bulb goes out the others stay lit).

Which part of the circuit is the energy source?
a) wire
b) bulb
c) battery
d) switch

the net handle appeared to bend in the water. What caused the net handle to appear bent?
a) Since the water is bouncing the waves, it is a reflection.
b) Since the water is bending the light waves, it is a refraction.
c) Since the water is moving the light waves, it is a rotation.
d) Since the water is shimmering, it is a translation.

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