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What happens to the number of chromosome during meiosis?
a) it doubles
b) it stays the same
c) it halves
d) it becomes diploid

At the end of mitosis, there are
a) two identical daughter cells
b) four identical daughter cells
c) four non-identical daughter cells
d) two non-identical daughter cells

In humans, gametes join during __________ to form a diploid zygote.
a) mitosis
b) meiosis
c) fertilization
d) crossing-over

Gene maps are based on
a) the frequencies of crossing-over between genes
b) the number of genes in a cell
c) genetic diversity
d) independent assortment

Linked genes
a) are never separated
b) assort independently
c) are on the same chromosome
d) are always recessive

During which phase of meiosis is the chromosome number reduced?
a) anaphase I
b) metaphase I
c) telophase I
d) prophase II

Regular body cells used to heal a cut are formed during
a) meiosis
b) crossing-over
c) replication
d) mitosis

Male gamete cells are called
a) ovum
b) eggs
c) sperm
d) oocytes

Usually, in female oogenesis
a) 1 egg and 3 polar bodies are produced
b) 1 egg is produced
c) 2 eggs and 2 polar bodies are produced
d) 2 eggs are produced

Humans have _______ chromosomes in the regular body cells.
a) 4
b) 18
c) 23
d) 46

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