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A document that lists the powers of individual cities in VA is called a?
a) Charter
b) General Assembly
c) Contract
d) Constitution

Which of the following is NOT a locality in VA?
a) Township
b) County
c) City
d) Town

Local governments in VA get their powers from...?
a) The VA Constitution and acts of the General Assembly
b) Powers are made up
c) Foreign nations
d) The U.S. Constitution

A power shared by both local and state government is...?
a) Protecting public safety
b) Maintaining recreational areas
c) Improving walkways
d) Determining voter qualifications

The state government creates laws. What do local governments create?
a) Ordinances
b) Charters
c) Rules
d) Amendments

Which of the following is NOT a power held by local governments?
a) Creating U.S. Amendments
b) Levying and collecting taxes
c) Promoting public health and safety
d) Enforcing state and local laws

A clerk of the Circuit Court, Treasurer, Commissioner of Revenue, and Sheriff are...?
a) Locally elected Government officials
b) The manager's cabinet
c) The mayor's cabinet
d) Locally appointed government officials

Who holds legislative powers in a city or town?
a) Councils
b) Manager
c) Board of Supervisors
d) Mayor

Who are the Board of Supervisors?
a) County government leaders
b) Town government leaders
c) City government leaders
d) State government leaders

What is a locality?
a) A unit of local government
b) A place
c) A secret
d) A local destination

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