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An ordinance has been created by the legislative body of the county to make a curfew for minors. Which legislative body would create this ordinance?
a) Board of Supervisors
b) General Assembly
c) City Council
d) Town Council

Individuals can have the greatest influence on decisions made by...?
a) State government officials
b) International policy
c) National government
d) Local government officials

What is the main responsibility of the board of supervisors?
a) Pass laws for the county
b) Pass laws for the state
c) Create the budget
d) Oversee the operations of public schools

What happens if a local ordinance conflicts with a state law?
a) The state law takes precedence over the local ordinance
b) VA citizens vote on which law they like better
c) Local governments ignore the state law
d) The local ordinance over powers the state law

Which power belongs to local governments?
a) Establish a police force
b) Amend the VA Constitution
c) Make treaties with foreign nations
d) Send federal troops overseas

Who holds executive powers in a city or town government?
a) Mayor
b) Manager
c) Sheriff
d) Board of Supervisors

In Virginia counties, cities, and towns, who may be hired by the elected legislative branch to oversee the operations of local government?
a) Manager
b) Treasurer
c) Commissioner of Revenue
d) Sheriff

In Virginia cities, who exercises legislative powers, enacts ordinances, and adopts an annual budget?
a) City Council
b) Mayor
c) Board of Supervisors
d) Town Council

All of the following are locally elected positions EXCEPT?
a) City Council member
b) Sheriff
c) Mayor
d) Manager

Who holds legislative powers in a town?
a) Town Council
b) City Council
c) Board of Supervisors
d) Mayor

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