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A scientist studies a plant cell and finds two structures that help maintain the shape of the cell. What structures has the scientist found?
a) cell membrane and cell wall
b) vacuole and cell membrane
c) cell wall and nucleus
d) vacuole and cell wall

Which statement best describes a difference in the reproductive systems of animals and flowering plants?
a) Only flowering plants reproduce asexually
b) Some flowering plants rely on insects to transport gametes.
c) Animals typically have both male and female reproductive organs.
d) Only animals are able reproduce sexually.

Which statement best decribes capillaries?
a) Capillaries are very small blood vessels
b) Capillaries carry blood to the heart
c) Capillaries carry only red blood cells.
d) Capillaries carry only white blood cells.

Which characteristic of arctic foxes is NOT evidence of species variation due to climate?
a) They are carnivoes with sharp teeth and a keen sense of smell.
b) They have small ears and a broad nose.
c) They have a compact body and dense fur.
d) THey have thick pads and fur on the bottoms of their paws,

A doctor has a patient who is having trouble absorbing nutrients from food. Which organ is most likely not functioning properly?
a) the esophagus
b) the stomach
c) the small intestine
d) the large intestine

Which statement correctly describes a difference between animals and plants?
a) Animals make food out of water and soil nutrients, and plants consume food.
b) Plants produce carbon dioxide, and animals use it to power their cells.
c) Plants have no internal skeletons and all animals do.
d) Plants contain organelles that can make food, and animals do not.

Two populations of the same squirrel species are separated by the formation of a mountain range. After many generations what will likely be the result?
a) The 2 populations will become different species of squirrel.
b) The 2 populations will continue to belong to the same species.
c) Both squirrel populations will go extinct.
d) One population will go extinct while the other adapts to its environment.

Which part of the respiratory system connects the nose to the lungs?
a) diaphragm muscle
b) trachea
c) alveoli
d) bronchioles

Which lists only biotic factors in a desert?
a) cactus, mouse, desert flower
b) rocks, sand, bird
c) cactus, sand, desert flower
d) cactus, sand, desert flower, bird

Which pair of characteristics is common to ALL living things?
a) being multicellular and having the ability to reproduce
b) developing over time and responding to stimuli
c) having a nucleus and making new cells
d) getting energy from other organisms and digesting food

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