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Which organelle is responsible for releasing energy in a plant cell?
a) Cell wall
b) Nucleus
c) Chloroplast
d) Mitochondria

Which statement describes how a bacterium cell's functions would change if its cell membrane stopped working?
a) The bacterium would be unable to move.
b) The bacterium would be unable to hold its shape.
c) Genetic material could not be replicated in the bacterium.
d) Materials could not enter or leave the cell.

According to the law of dominance, which statement best describes a cross between two parents with the genotypes RR and rr? R = Red flowers and r=white flowers
a) Both Rr and rr genotypes will produce white flowers.
b) Offspring with the genotype Rr will have white flowers.
c) Both RR and Rr genotypes will produce red flowers.
d) Only offspring with the genotype RR will have red flowers.

Which system consists of a network of cells that carry electrical impulses from the skin to the brain?
a) circulatory
b) respiratory
c) nervous
d) muscular

Which kingdom contains an organism will ALL of these characteristics? Can produce food, can consume other organisms, can move, is unicellular, has a nucleus
a) Eubacteria
b) Plantae
c) Animalia
d) Protista

Which statement correctly describes the respiration of an elephant?
a) It breathes in oxygen and breathes out carbon dioxide.
b) It breathes in oxygen and breathes out nitrogen.
c) It breathes in carbon dioxide and breathes out oxygen.
d) It breathes in carbon dioxide and breathes out nitrogen.

A patient develops a problem with the alveoli of the respiratory system. Which function of the respiratory system will most likely be affected?
a) the ability to filter dust and other particles from the air
b) the ability to pull air deep into the lungs
c) the ability to carry air from the nose to the lungs
d) the ability to exchange gases with the bloodstream

A student is writing a report on chromosomes. On which part of the cell should the student focus the report?
a) the ribosomes
b) the nucleus
c) the cytoplasm
d) the cell membrane

A species of lice is adpated to eat only the dead skin cells from a rodent. The rodent neither benefits nor suffers. This is an example of species variation due to a relationship
a) called parasitism
b) called mutualism
c) called commensalism
d) called consumption

Which list correctly identifies possible characteristics of a species belonging to Kingdom Eubacteria?
a) Single-celled, nucleus
b) multicellular, nucleus, flagella
c) single-celled, flagella
d) multicellular, flagella

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