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Which of the following is true of all mollusks?
a) they have soft bodies
b) they have segments
c) they have a closed circulatory system
d) they have a shell

Which characteristic is NOT common to all arthropods?
a) a backbone
b) an external skeleton
c) a segmented body
d) jointed appendages

An arthropod\\\\\\\'s tough outer covering is called
a) an exoskeleton
b) a mantle
c) armor
d) an endoskeleton

Which of the following is a characteristic of insects?
a) One pair of antennae
b) two body sections
c) three pairs of wings
d) four legs

Most fish reproduce by means of
a) external fertilization
b) budding
c) asexual budding
d) internal fertilization

Amphibians are especially sensitive to changes in their environment because
a) their skin is delicate
b) their eggs are tough and leathery
c) they do well only in sunny areas
d) few amphibians have camouflage

Which sequence of terms is in the correct order from simplest to most complex for the organization of animals?
a) cells>tissues>organs>organ systems
b) cells>tissues>organ systems>organs
c) tissues>cells>organs>organ systems
d) tissues>organs>cells>organ systems

Where does a placental mammal develop before its body systems can function independently?
a) inside its mother’s body
b) in a pouch on its mother’s body
c) in a nest near its mother
d) inside an egg that is protected by the mother

The large muscle that enables mammals to breathe in and out is called the
a) diaphragm
b) lung
c) air sac
d) respiratory muscle

What characteristic is used to classify a mammal as a monotreme, marsupial, or placental mammal?
a) the way in which its young develop
b) the environment in which it lives
c) how much hair or fur it has
d) the structure of its brain

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