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Usually has a soft body and a thin layer called a mantle
a) porifera
b) mollusca
c) echinodermata
d) cnidaria

Have on body symmetry and no tissues or organs
a) porifera
b) nematoda
c) cnidaria
d) arthropoda

Animals with long, narrow bodies, some are parasitic
a) arthopods
b) echinoderms
c) worms
d) porifera

Have radial symmetry, include sea stars
a) echinodermata
b) porifera
c) arthropoda
d) mollusca

Uses stinging cells to capture food
a) cnidaria
b) arthropods
c) mollusks
d) worms

have external skeletons, segmented bodies, and jointed legs
a) athropoda
b) cnidaria
c) echinodermata
d) worms

Vertebrates belong to phylum
a) chordata
b) cnidaria
c) arthropoda
d) vertebrae

All of these are characteristics of vertebrates EXCEPT
a) They have radial symmetry
b) have a spine supporting structure such as a notochord or vertebrae
c) have a nerve/spinal cord
d) pharyngeal slits

An egg laying mammal is called a
a) monotreme
b) marsupial
c) placental mammal
d) does not exit

a) obtain oxygen through the lungs and skin
b) use gills to supply body cells with oxygen
c) produce an egg with an amniotic sac within a shell
d) have a 4 chambered heart

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