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A minerals crystal size is determined by....
a) when it is found
b) what elements are in it
c) how and where the magma cools
d) if it is metallic or not

A mineral is inorganic, which means it contains...
a) chemical compounds
b) materials made by humans
c) parts of living things
d) no materials that were once part of living things

Most minerals do NOT split apart evenly. Instead, they have the characteristic type of...
a) cleavage
b) fracture
c) luster
d) crystal

Magma that cools very slowyl deep beneath the earth's surface forms minerals with what type of crystals?
a) very hard
b) large
c) cubic
d) small

A luster of a mineral refers to...
a) the tendency for a mineral to break along smooth planar surfaces.
b) its color in a finely powdered form
c) its color in reflected light.
d) the hardness of a mineral

The hardest mineral on Moh's scale of hardness is....
a) coal
b) a diamond
c) pyrite
d) malachite

Which mineral can be identified by its color, green?
a) grenerite
b) sulfur
c) malachite
d) azurite

A mineral is...
a) naturally occuring, organic, luster, and streak
b) naturally occuring, organic, color, luster, and streak
c) naturally occuring, inorganic, solid, definite chemical composition, and crystalline structure.
d) naturally occuring, organic, solid, definite chemical composition and crystalline structure

In a mineral, the atoms line up in a repeating pattern to form
a) an element
b) a mixture
c) a compound
d) a crystal

The softest mineral in the Mohs scale of hardness is...
a) quartz
b) gypsum
c) talc
d) halite

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