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Where on the periodic table are metals located?
a) on the left
b) on the right
c) on the staircase
d) at the top

which of the following is not a property of all metals
a) luster
b) ductility
c) corrosion
d) conductivity

A material that can be hammered into flat sheets is said to be
a) malleable
b) ductile
c) conductive
d) lustrous

Which metal is not magnetic?
a) nickel
b) iron
c) cobalt
d) sodium

a material is conductive if
a) it can transfer heat well
b) it can transfer electricity well
c) it can allow charged particles to move
d) all of the choices

Which metal is not a solid at room temperature?
a) mercury
b) chlorine
c) sodium
d) calcium

Reactivity tends to increase as you
a) move left and down the periodic table
b) move left and up the periodic table
c) move right and down the periodic table
d) move right and up the periodic table

which are the least reactive metals?
a) alkali metals
b) transition metals
c) alkaline earth metals
d) mixed group metals

what can make synthetic elements?
a) particle accelerator
b) alloys
c) corrosion
d) none of the choices

What group of metals are most unstable and likely to break apart?
a) actinides
b) lanthanides
c) alkali metals
d) alkaline earth metals

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