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The Constitution forbids the states from doing all of the following EXCEPT...?
a) make laws
b) coin money
c) declare war
d) deal with foreign countries

Expressed or enumerated powers are powers given to which level of government?
a) National
b) State
c) Local
d) Foreign

At the state level of government, cabinet secretaries and departments, agencies, commissions, and regulatory boards do all of the following except?
a) make laws
b) enforce laws
c) regulate aspects of business and the economy
d) provide services

Federalism is the...
a) Division of power between national and state government
b) Powers of the national government
c) type of government
d) A document

In the federal system of government...?
a) The national government is supreme
b) State governments have the final say
c) Local governments have the final say
d) All laws are equal

Which level of government is responsible for foreign policy, coining money, and conducting interstate commerce?
a) State
b) National
c) Foreign
d) The Queen

A bill can be introduced in which house of the General Assembly?
a) The House of Delegates or the VA Senate
b) Just the VA Senate
c) Only the House of Delegates
d) The Governor's house

Education, public health, the environment, the state budget, and revenue are responsibilities of which level of government?
a) State
b) National
c) Local
d) Parliamentary

What happens after a bill is voted on in each house of the General Assembly?
a) It is sent to to the Governor to sign
b) It is automatically a law
c) It is thrown out
d) It goes to the VA Supreme Court

Which action by the Governor of VA is an example of maintaining public safety?
a) Sending VA's National Guard to help after a disaster
b) Delivering a speech to the General Assembly
c) Working on VA's budget with the Secretary of Finance
d) Attending a meeting on the VA economy

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