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What 2 factors are used to describe climate?
a) temperature and precipitation
b) temperature and pressure
c) wind and precipitation
d) wind and pressure

What is a microclimate?
a) average conditions of temperature, precipitation, winds, and clouds in an area
b) area that differs from surrounding climate
c) average distance from water
d) streams of water between oceans

What factors affect temperature
a) Latitude, Altitude, Distance from large bodies of water, Ocean currents
b) Latitude Altitude Distance from large bodies of water, Winds
c) Latitude Altitude Winds, Ocean currents
d) Latitude, Winds, Distance from large bodies of water Ocean currents

Why are areas near the equator warmer?
a) they receive more direct sunlight
b) Earth's rotation
c) They are farther from large bodies of water
d) 2 of the choices

Which zone is located between 0 degrees and 23.5 degrees
a) tropical zone
b) polar zone
c) temperate zone
d) none of the choices

Which of the following is not true?
a) marine climates are milder
b) temperature increases as altitude increases
c) ocean currents can bring cold water to somewhere that would normally be warm
d) Sun always strikes Earth’s surface at a lower angle in the polar zone

What is the difference between prevailing winds and seasonal winds
a) prevailing winds usually blow in a region while seasonal winds change direction
b) seasonal winds usually blow in a region while prevailing winds change direction
c) seasonal winds are affected by the amount of water vapor while prevailing winds are not
d) prevailing winds are affected by the amount of water vapor while seasonal winds are not

What is not true about precipitation and mountains
a) rain falls on the windward side of a mountain
b) mountains create rain shaddows
c) mountains cause air to rise, cool, and condense
d) the windward side of a mountain is called the rain shadow

which monsoon is incorrectly matched?
a) winter monsoons have little precipitation
b) winter monsoons occur because land cools faster than the ocean
c) summer monsoons occur because land heats faster than the ocean
d) summer monsoon winds blow from the land

which of the following is not an effect of Earth's tilted axis in the summer?
a) longer days
b) warmer temperatures
c) less direct sunlight
d) axis facing the sun

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