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During recrystallization, the bonds between atoms in a mineral are broken and the atoms can join to form a
a) sedimentary rock
b) gneiss rock
c) parent mineral
d) new mineral

Foliation is the arrangement of minerals in
a) lines that cross each other
b) square or rectangular blocks
c) flat or wavy parallel bands
d) randomly spaced patches

Minerals in rock recrystallize near a magma body. The minerals change due to the magma\'s
a) heat
b) density
c) pressure
d) volume

Under pressure, shale can turn into slate. This is an example of
a) metamorphism
b) sedimentation
c) melting
d) schistation

An example of a process that causes metamorphic change over large areas is the
a) flow of lava from a volcano
b) intrusion of magma into other rock
c) re-forming of dissolved minerals
d) formation of a mountain range

Your rock sample has parallel bands of minerals that formed under high pressure. Your sample is
a) an unfoliated metamorphic rock
b) a foliated sedimentary rock
c) a foliated metamorphic rock
d) an unfoliated sedimentary rock

The process by which heat and pressure change rocks
a) foliation
b) metamorphism
c) magma
d) fossil

wavy or parallel bands of minerals in metamorphic rock
a) foliation
b) metamorphism
c) magma
d) fossil

What type(s) of rock are most likely to be a metamorphic rock\'s parent rock?
a) intrusive rock
b) any type of rock
c) sedimentary rock
d) extrusive rock

Heat and pressure cause chemical bonds between atoms in minerals to break and re-form in different ways. This process is called
a) pressurization
b) recrystallization
c) fossilization
d) foliation

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