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Operative dentistry is the primary responsibility of the ______.
a) general dentist
b) oral surgeon
c) periodontits
d) endodontist

The usual material of choice for Class III and Class IV restorations is _____.
a) composite resin
b) amalgam
c) ceramic
d) glass ionomer

Which type of elastomeric material has the highest vicoscity?
a) putty material
b) light bodied material
c) heavy bodied material
d) ceramic

____ is classified as a type I dental cement and acts as an adhesive to hold together the indirect restoration and the tooth surface
a) luting cement
b) liner
c) varnish
d) provisiional cement

______ is added to dental amalgam alloy powder to supress oxidation
a) Zinc
b) Tin
c) Silver
d) Copper

A matrix must be used to create a wall for which of the following classifiications of tooth restorations?
a) Class II, III IV
b) Class I,II,III
c) Class III, IV V
d) none of these

A matrtix band should extend approximately___mm below the gingival margin of the preparation
a) 1
b) 3
c) 6
d) -2

Retainer holds the matrix band snudly in position and is most often positioned_____.
a) on the buccal surface of the tooth being restored
b) toward the posteerior of mouth
c) toward the anterior of mouth
d) on the ligual surface of tooth being restored

The placement of _____ is an example of enamelbonding
a) sealant
b) dental varnish
c) dental base
d) calcium hydroxide

Which of the following is the instrument of choice when positiioning a wooden wedge?
a) Howe pliers
b) mouth mirror
c) explorer
d) amalgam carrier

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