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which instrument is best for viewing cells and cell parts
a) glasses
b) microscope
c) telescope
d) magnifying glass

what are the food-making structures in plant cells.
a) cell membrane
b) nucleus
c) cytoplasm
d) chloroplasts

Which organelles would you expect a plant cell to have but not an animal cell
a) Cell wall, Chloroplasts
b) nucleus, cell membrane
c) cytoplasm, diffusion
d) osmosis,cell membrane

A cell is placed in pure water. What will happen to the cell size?
a) It will shrink
b) it will expand in size
c) it will not change
d) it is impossible to predict

Why does osmosis occur? It happens because
a) gravity pulls all matter toward the center of Earth
b) water moves from high concetrations to low
c) cells are alive and only living things have osmosis
d) cells are the smallest parts of living things

Why are only plant cells able to produce food from sunlight? Plant cells
a) have cell walls that tell the cell how to produce food.
b) have cytoplasm which creates and stores food.
c) have chloroplasts which is where food is produced.
d) have a cell wall to give the plant support and strength.

Which answer correctly identifies the 5 levels of cell organization from simplest to most complex?
a) tissue, organs, organ systems, cell, organism
b) organism, organ system, organ, tissue, cell
c) organ system, cell, tissue, organ, organism
d) cell, tissue, organ, organ system, organism

Which answer correctly identifies the 5 levels of cell organization in a dogs body from simple to most complex?
a) bone cell, bone tissue, femur (thigh bone), skeleton, dog
b) dog, skeleton, femur, bone tissue, bone cell
c) skeleton, bone tissue, bone cell, dog, femur
d) bone tissue, bone cell, femur, skeleton, dog

What is the best description of a cell? They are
a) the smallest thing that scientists know about.
b) free-swimming animals that have cilia.
c) box shaped units that cork is made from.
d) the small units that all living things are made of.

A cow is an example of which level of organization
a) cell
b) tissue
c) organ
d) organism

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