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Why do chromosomes determine an individual's phenotype?
a) They provide instructions for building proteins.
b) Chromosomes release energy to support the cell.
c) Chromosomes replicate during mitosis.
d) They are found in the nucleus.

Which statement about a bacterium and a cactus plant is FALSE?
a) They both reproduce.
b) They both use energy for life processes.
c) They both have at least one cell nucleus.
d) They both respond to environmental stimuli.

Animal cells have a cell membrane and a nucleus. Which other statement is correct about animal cells?
a) Animal cells have chloroplasts
b) Animal cells have mitochondria
c) Animal cells have a cell wall
d) Animal cells do not have ribosomes

Which cell structure captures light and converts it into energy?
a) mitochondria
b) nucleus
c) chloroplast
d) ribosome

Which statement is an example of a biotic factor in the environment?
a) A boulder rolls into a creek
b) Wind blows through the trees
c) A beaver builds a dam
d) Clouds form on a warm day.

The haploid cells of an apple tree have 17 chromosomes. How many chromosomes are found within the diploid cells of an apple tree?
a) 17
b) 24
c) 30
d) 34

Seven siblings all have the genotype Bb for eye color. What were the most likely genotypes of the siblings\' mother and father?
a) BB and bb
b) bb and bb
c) BB and BB
d) BB and Bb

Which statement does NOT correctly describe meiosis?
a) It is the process of reproductive cell division
b) It results in four haploid cells
c) It takes place only in animal cells
d) It reduces the chromosome number in a cell.

Which tissue in the skeletal system is directly attached to and pulled on by muscle tissue?
a) joint
b) bone
c) cartilage
d) marrow

A sea lily is an animal that many people mistake for a flowering plant. Which characteristics are BEST used to classify the sea lily as an animal and not a plant?
a) It is multicellular
b) It is eukaryotic and does not move
c) It is a consumer and lacks cell walls
d) Its cells have mitochondria and vacuoles

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