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The courts check on the president by...?
a) Declaring executive actions unconstitutional
b) Impeaching and convicting the President
c) Calling Congress into special Session
d) Overriding Vetoes

The courts check on Congress by...?
a) Declaring actions of Congress unconstitutional
b) Calling special Session of Congress
c) Declaring executive actions unconstitutional
d) Vetoing legislation Congress passed

Which branch is responsible for making laws, approving an annual budget, declaring war, approving appointments, and levying taxes?
a) Legislative
b) Executive
c) Judicial
d) Parliamentary

Which branch is responsible for making appointments, making treaties, executing the laws, and prepares the annual budget for approval?
a) Executive
b) Judicial
c) Legislative
d) Parliamentary

The president can check on the courts by...?
a) Appointing judges or justices
b) Overriding vetoes
c) Calling a special session of Congress
d) Declaring judicial actions unconstitutional

Congress can check on the courts by...?
a) Confirming or refusing to confirm federal judges or justices
b) Overriding vetos
c) Calling a special session of Congress
d) Declaring executive actions unconstitutional

What happens to a bill after it is introduced?
a) It is sent to a committee
b) it is signed by the President
c) It is sent to the other house for debate
d) It is voted on by the full house of Congress

Which house of Congress must a bill pass through in order to become a law?
a) Both houses
b) The House of Representatives
c) The Senate
d) Neither house

The House of Representatives consists of....?
a) 435 members based on state population
b) 27 Members
c) 2 members per state for a total of 100 members
d) 50 members

The Senate consists of...?
a) 100 members, 2 members per state
b) 435 members based on the state's population
c) 27 members
d) 50 members

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