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Making laws is to Congress as interpreting federal laws is to the...?
a) U.S. Supreme Court
b) President
c) Governor
d) VA Supreme Court

Which branch interprets the meaning of the laws and has the power of judicial review?
a) Judicial
b) Legislative
c) Executive
d) Parliamentary

Congress can check on the courts by...?
a) Confirming or refusing to confirm federal judges or justices
b) Overriding vetoes
c) Calling Congress into a special session
d) Declaring executive actions unconstitutional

Powers that are specifically mentioned in the Constitution are called...?
a) Expressed or Enumerated powers
b) Implied powers
c) Reserved powers
d) Concurrent powers

On the national level, who writes laws and takes action in response to problems or issues?
a) Elected officials in Congress
b) The President
c) Interest Groups
d) The Vice President

What happens when a bill goes to the full floor?
a) It is debated and voted on
b) It is introduced
c) It is debated and sent to the President
d) It is vetoed

What power does the President exercise when making treaties with other countries?
a) Chief diplomat
b) Chief Executive
c) Commander in Chief
d) Judicial Leader

What is the President's annual speech to Congress where he proposes new laws and his agenda called?
a) The State of the Union Address
b) The State of the Commonwealth Address
c) State of the State Address
d) Annual Press Conference

What power does the President exercise when he appoints cabinet members?
a) Chief executive
b) Chief of State
c) Commander in Chief
d) Chief Legislator

When the President tells Congress the Postal Service needs to be changed, the President is acting as the...?
a) Chief Legislator
b) Chief Citizen
c) Chief Executive
d) Chief Diplomat

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