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Which sentence best describes the relationship between the states and the national government?
a) Power is divided between the states and national government
b) National government has all the power
c) States have all the power
d) Power of the states is supreme

Each of the three branches of the national government limit the exercise of power by the other two branches. This principle is called?
a) Checks and balances
b) Judicial Review
c) Consent of the Governed
d) Rule of Law

Legislative powers NOT specifically listed but are used to carry out expressed powers are called...?
a) Implied powers
b) Enumerated powers
c) Concurrent powers
d) Reserved Powers

What 2 things must happen in order for a bill to become a law?
a) Passed by both houses and signed by the President
b) Passed by both houses and voted on by the people
c) Signed by the President and approved by the Supreme Court
d) Passed by both houses and approved by the Supreme Court

The executive branch influences policymaking in the following ways except?
a) ruling on court cases that involve federal law.
b) appointing officials who carry out laws.
c) approving or vetoing legislation.
d) proposing legislation in the State of the Union Address.

When the president exercises power as commander-in-chief, he or she is acting as...?
a) Head of the nation's armed forces.
b) Representative of all people.
c) Ceremonial head of government.
d) Leader of the political party that controls the executive branch.

The major function of the systems of checks and balances is to...?
a) Protect against the abuses of power
b) Ensure political parties can function
c) Override Vetoes
d) Defend the U.S.

Which branch of government is made up of the House of Representatives and the Senate?
a) Legislative
b) Executive
c) Judicial
d) Parliamentary

The President can check on the Legislative branch by...?
a) Preparing an annual budget for approval
b) Impeaching Congressional leaders
c) Impeaching judges
d) Enforcing laws

What does the principle of separation of powers refer to?
a) The 3 branches of government
b) How the branches check on each other
c) The 3 levels of government
d) Federalism

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