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People can hear
a) all low frequency sounds
b) all high frequency sounds
c) a limited range of sounds
d) all low and high frequency sounds

Bats avoid running into things in the dark by making
a) very low frequency sounds
b) a constant low frequency sound
c) sounds in the mid-frequency range
d) very high frequency sounds

The energy an object has because of its motion is ______________.
a) Electrical energy
b) kinetic energy
c) potential energy
d) wavelength

At the bottom of a hill, a roller coaster car has the least ___________.
a) potential
b) sound energy
c) frequency
d) electrical energy

The energy of vibrations carried by matter is
a) wavelength
b) sound energy
c) potential energy
d) kinetic energy

A solar powered calculator changes radiant energy into __________.
a) potential energy
b) sound energy
c) kinetic energy
d) electrical energy

The distance from one point on a wave to the same point on the next wave is the __________.
a) frequency
b) wavelength
c) electrical charge
d) crest

The number of waves passing a point in one second is the _________.
a) potential energy
b) crest
c) trough
d) frequency

How can potential energy change to kinetic energy on a roller coaster?
a) at the top of the hill it is not moving, then going down it is
b) It can't change from potential to kinetic
c) it stays potential half way through the ride then changes over to kinetic at the end.

Why are some radiant energy different from others?
a) different wavelengths
b) their pitch is different
c) some radiant energy is hotter than others

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